Charger Rewards

February 14, 2019
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KCS is partnering with Great Lakes Scrip to bring you Charger Rewards. Scrip has helped over 30,000 schools and non-profits raise funds and lower tuition. 

Through scrip you can purchase gift cards from over 750 companies who are willing to give rebates to support non-profit organizations. The average rebate is between 3% and 13%. Half of the rebate goes back to KCS to further the mission of the school and the remaining half goes to your school account. You choose where your side of the rebate goes: to tuition, to athletic fees, or back to you via check. 

To begin reducing your tuition costs through scrip, enroll here at:  The KCS enrollment number is A871E6246261L.

This YouTube link will show you how easy it is.

Questions?  Contact Brandi Johnson.