At Kingsway Christian School, our goal is excellence in education.

This excellence means not only laying a solid academic foundation for our students, but building up the next generation to be the social and spiritual leaders in our community. The excellence we strive toward does not come through the effort of teachers alone. It takes a full crew of community members, businesses, churches, and families... and you are an important part of the building process.

For more information, call 317.272.2227 or contact our main school office.

Giving Opportunities

  • ALL IN

    This Spring, our school will be hosting a very special event called “All IN.” As a part of our community, you frequently have seen and have demonstrated that we are united in our shared love for God, our love for learning, and our love for others. This year, we’d like to create a community event that shows our faith in action.

    In lieu of a Fun Run, this will be our annual school-wide fundraiser for the 2019-2020 school year. Our annual fundraiser was designed to help raise needed funds for Kingsway Christian School, but this year we are partnering with the Million Meal Movement in an effort to tangibly demonstrate our love for others.

    The fundraiser has currently been put on hold until further notice. 

    This meaningful, hands-on event will provide our students with another opportunity to serve those in need. This event is not only on-mission but it will allow us to advance our school’s values of growing in our love for God, our love of learning, and our love for others.

    View more ALL IN files below:


    ALL IN Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Fine Arts and PE Fundraiser

    Support the KCS Fine Arts and PE Departments

    Kingsway Christian School (KCS) is known as a frugal and careful spender. We have the privilege to encourage student learning through STEM programming, and our donors and parents joined us generously! Our STEM certification is presently pending at the Indiana Department of Education.

    This year, we are asking for donors to consider blessing KCS in a new way.

    A new fund has been established for replacement and extension of our Fine Arts and PE programs. These programs have not seen significant improvements in equipment for over 15 years.

    Here is a list of items to be adopted, or jointly funded (amounts to just over $45,000):

    • $3,550 Kiln
    • $2,750 (each) 2 Keyboards
    • $17,000 A Piano lab for students to learn to keyboard the piano
    • $3,000 Theater equipment for storage and organization of resources
    • $2,500 Musical instruments for band
    • $9,000 Wenger chairs for band
    • $600 CD players for music class
    • $3,000 for PE equipment
    • $1200 storage area improvements for PE

    Use this link to open the donation page in a new window.

  • STEM Lab Donations

    Support STEM at KCS

    Your donation funds STEM educational experiences at KCS. Thank you!

    Use this link to open the donation page in a new window.

  • Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs)
    We are excited to participate in the Indiana School Choice Voucher Program.

    As part of the program, we also offer scholarships to incoming students through a scholarship granting organization, or SGO. Donors to this fund are eligible for a 50% credit against their state tax liability for contributions made to an SGO.

    The best way to donate is online.  Please check out the organizations listed below to make a donation.

    If you prefer, you can also mail your completed form and donation to Kingsway Christian School, Attn: Development Office, 7979 E. County Road 100 N., Avon, IN 46123.

  • Tuition Assistance
    Support families in their desire to provide a Christian education for their children.

    Everyone needs help at some point in life. The tuition assistance program allows you to donate directly to families needing assistance to attend KCS. For more information, call 317.272.2227.

  • Worthy Servants
    Support our annual Christmas offering for our staff and faculty who are committed to loving and ministering to every child at KCS.

    Staff receive their Christmas gift along with a card listing the individual, family or business that made their gift possible.

    Use this link to open the donation page in a new window.

  • Community Educational Partnerships
    We are thankful for the local organizations that donate a certain percentage of their sales/revenue to our school.

    Community educational partnerships are a simple way you can help our school earn money while engaging in your normal everyday shopping activities. Some partnerships include:

    • Box Tops for Education  Every box top that you clip and turn in to the school office is worth 10 cents to our school.
    • Amazon Smile Convert your Amazon account to Amazon Smile: that’s it! We get a check from Amazon for .5% of all purchases through Amazon smile. Just go to get started:  Then search for Kingsway Christian School, Inc. Avon, IN and select us as your preferred Amazon Smile charity.  Your cost does not change and KCS gets the benefits. Tell everyone you know!
    • Kroger – Shop and swipe your Plus Card for Community Rewards.  Our account number is YK111.
  • Making a Difference Foundation
    Why have our teachers and staff made the choice to work here for less salaries than their public sector counterparts?

    Because they believe in the ministry and mission of KCS and want to help further the Kingdom. KCS uses the interest from these donations to increase teacher and staff salaries on a longterm basis.

    For more information, call 317.272.2227 or

    contact Bill Watson


Corporate Sponsors

Here is a list of our growing number of corporate sponsors.  Thank you for partnering with us!