Worthy Servants

Each year, to begin the Christmas season, we work to build our Worthy Servants fund.. On average, our teachers earn only 70-80% of what their counterparts in area public schools do. To help ease this discrepancy as we enter the Christmas season, we ask KCS families and supporters to consider giving a gift to the Worthy Servants fund. Our worthy servants are the KCS teachers and staff. Each year the response is fantastic! Our goal is to raise $20,000 which equates to a Christmas “bonus” of approximately $250 (minus taxes, of course!) for each member of our staff. This is a great encouragement at a time when extra funds are valued and very much appreciated. 

Here’s how it works.

Contributors make a tax deductible donation to the Worthy Servants fund by mailing or dropping off a check (made out to KCS with "Worthy Servants" in the memo line) to the school office. Funds will be collected until Friday, December 14th . (Any funds received after the 14th will be held for the 2013 fund.)  The funds will be equally divided so each member receives a fair share. On Friday, the 21st, each staff member will receive their Christmas “bonus” along with a card listing each individual, family and business that made the gift possible. Every dollar you contribute is tax deductible and every penny of every dollar goes toward benefitting our teachers and staff! You’ll also receive a letter as a receipt that can be used for tax purposes.  We strongly encourage our families to give to this fund ­instead of buying separate items for your children’s teacher/teachers.

Other ways you can help our Worthy Servants:

  •  pray daily for the Lord to bless this year’s Worthy Servants
  •  encourage others to support the Worthy Servants effort
  •  remember, the deadline is Friday, December 14th


 For more information, please contact Mr. Jeff Niemeyer (317) 272-2227 ext. 236.