Visual Arts

Student Life-Visual Arts MaskWe believe our creative God deserves our praise in the form of creative expression.

    Mrs. Brock will cover the four disciplines of art education:

    • Art History
    • Art Criticism
    • Aesthetics
    • Production

    Students in grades K-5 experience creative expression through classes in the visual arts. Some of their special projects include:


    • Mardi Gras Masks

    1st Grade

    • Clay Polar Bears
    • Chinese Fan

    2nd Grade

    • Chinese Dragon Puppets
    • Indian Rangoli Chalk Paintings

    3rd Grade

    • Pipe Cleaner Sculptures
    • Koru Oil Pastel Resist Paintings

    4th Grade

    • Indiana Artist Theme
    • Ceramic Mugs

    5th Grade

    • Metal Repousse Plaque
    • Coil Pots
    • Aborigine Paintings
    • Mo Willems Photography Project

    Student Life-Visual Arts Grid Drawing

    Students in grades 6-8 are able to continue creative expression through elective art.  Some of their special projects include:

    6th Grade

    • Larger than Life Sculpture
    • Haniwa Animal Clay Figures

    7th and 8th Grades

    • Art History Shoe Painting Project
    • Grid Drawing
    • Printmaking
    • Abstract Sculpture Project