Theatre Arts


KCS believes the theatrical arts will enhance academic and social development of our students by providing opportunities to explore and hone skills related to public speaking, expression, dance and choreography, voice projection, visual arts and music. In the process we hope to prepare students to become well-rounded citizens by also promoting the less quantifiable traits, such as leadership, teamwork, organization, commitment and service.

The dramatic arts contribute to the education of the whole child, by stimulating imagination, creativity, reasoning, expression and communication. KCS believes an expanded fine arts program will enhance literacy in many forms, because participation requires the child play an active role with an applied mind.

With this in mind, KCS began a Drama Club in the fall of 2005. This initial venture into the dramatic arts was a resounding success and expansion opportunities were explored. In June of 2006, KCS was awarded a 3 year, $15,000 grant designed to expand the Drama Club into a functioning Drama Department.


God continues to bless this adventure by providing opportunities and energy for all involved. We look forward to what He has planned for us next. 

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