A complete education means more than reading, writing and arithmetic.

To educate the whole child, students need to be challenged physically, spiritually, culturally and socially. One segment of education has the potential to meet all these needs: The arts.

The arts provide a vital and important way for students to gain confidence, build self-discipline and learn how to express themselves through various mediums. Students learn about teamwork, dedication and sacrifice. In an age when many schools are cutting fine arts from their programs, KCS is trying to develop fine arts opportunities.

  • In grades K-4, students participate in visual art and music classes as part of their regular curriculum. 
  • In 5th grade, students may choose either band or choir, while continuing in visual art instruction.
  • Once students reach 6th grade, they have the option of choosing which medium they would like to pursue more: band, choir, or visual art.
  • Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in theatre arts as an extra-curricular activity.
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