Show Your Pride

The Christian Education Investment

Kingsway Christian School is a ministry of Kingsway Christian Church.  We have provided continuous service and ministry to our community since the doors were first opened in September of 1977.

Throughout its history, KCS has continued to partner with parents for the very best education for their children/our students. We believe very emphatically that the Bible gives the parents the primary responsibility for the complete, comprehensive education of their children.  However, just as there were teachers and synagogue schools in Christ's day, Kingsway Christian School exists to help parents provide a great Christian education for their students in today's society.

By choosing Christian education, parents make a conscious choice of sacrificing for their children to experience an educational system that is based in God's truth. They want their children to learn Biblical decision-making skills that will carry them throughout their lives.  While some decisions are black and white, there are many more that are not so clear and require a foundation that does not change or compromise traditional, family, or Biblical values.

An expense is something that, in time, decreases in value.  An investment is something that, over time, increases in value. Christian education is certainly an investment. It will pay dividends, not only in your lifetime through your children, but for generations to come.