Next PTF Meeting scheduled for September 5th, 2014

Meeting dates this year October 2nd (note this is a change and a Thursday), November 7th, December 5th, January 9th, February 6th, March 6th, April 10th and May 1st.

A. KCS Night’s Out – Chairperson: Lori Milzarek 

Take your family out to dinner and give them the KCS flyer and PTF gets a portion of the profit. August 28th is our first KCS night out at City BBQ ALL DAY!

Delana Avant has agreed to help her take on the task of booking our night out.

B. Box Tops – Chairpersons:Tabatha Jones & Jami Steffen

Clip the Box Tops off of participating items and look for extra coupons when you shop too.  You can turn them in monthly for individual prizes or save them for the classroom competitions.  Don't keep them for too long though, they will expire!

i. Class Competitions: Sept. 29th-Oct. 3rdand Feb. 2nd-6th

ii. Individual Competitions all other months

C. Teacher Birthday Lunches–Chairperson: Missy Davis

We treat the staff to a lunch away from the cafeteria for their birthday.  We do this every 3 months with a different theme each time.  PTF provides the food and serves them.

i. TBL Dates:September 11th, December 11th, March 12th, and May 14th

ii. Work Day for TBL Gift  Bags: August 29th

D. Flip Zone (Parent Night Out) – Chairperson: Missy Davis

Flip Zone in Plainfield provides dinner, games, activities and a movie for the kids while the parents get a night out from 5-10.  Our PNO this year are November 21st and February 14th.

E. Donuts w/Dad & Mornings w/Mom– Chairperson: Amy Niemeyer

i. Donuts with Dad: Oct. 7th The students bring their dad, uncle, grandpa or any special man in their life to have donuts and drinks and visit the book fair.

ii. Mornings w/Mom: May 19th The students bring their mom, grandma, aunt or any special women they have to enjoy breakfast pastries and visit the book fair.

F. Teacher Appreciation Week – Chairperson: Tabatha Jones

The whole week will be filled with special things for the staff to enjoy provided by the PTF.

i. Still  working on dates

G. Valentine-Grams – Chairperson: Missy Davis

PTF will assemble and personalize valentine's bought by the students and families of KCS on Wednesday and Thursday February 11th and 12th.  We will work all day and lunch will be provided.  Delivery is Friday February 13th after drop off. 

 January 30th will be a workday to get the candy grams ready.

H. Student Encouragement during ISTEP/Terra Nova Testing – Chairperson: Heidi Yates

PTF puts together  a special treat along with a Bible verse for all of the kids on their first day of testing. Send Heidi any ideas for elementary treats, and be on the look out for locker mirrors.  Call or e-mail Heidi with any ideas 765-366-4657 

i. DeliveryDays: Early March Early April

ii. Preparation completed by the end of February

I. Swap Shop: Jami Steffen

Everyone can drop off any dress code items and "shop" for new things at the swap shop.  It is free and you don't have to bring anything to shop.

i. Drop Off Day: August 27th

ii. Shop Day: August 28th

J. KCS Flag Football Tournament– August 16th

Sign up at

i. Flag Football Tournament starting at 4:00pm

ii. Coaches needed! email Tabatha Jones

K. Back to School Kickoff Saturday August 16th

i. Starts at 5:00pm

ii. We will be having a workday Friday August 15h to get everything ready to go.

iii. We will need many volunteers Saturday before the event to help set up and get things ready!  Sign up at

Email Amy Niemeyer   if you are available to help!

L. MS Spelling Bee Lunch:Nov. 17th

PTF will provide lunch for all of the judges for both spelling bees and speech meets.

M. Elem Spelling Bee Lunch: Nov. 18th

PTF will provide lunch for all of the judges for both spelling bees and speech meets.