Kingsway Christian School has been providing a Christian education since 1977. We've grown from 25 students and 2 teachers to over 620 students and 70+ teachers and support staff. We started with a few classrooms and around 500 square feet and have grown to over 30 classrooms with educational space over 90,000 square feet. Through it all, there have been no signs of slowing down.

But what about the future? What would happen if another financial slowdown hit the Indianapolis-Avon area? Would Kingsway Christian School be able to withstand a financial crunch and still be able to provide a quality Christian education? In times of financial need, one of the first things to get cut from many family budgets is Christian education. There are several reasons for school development, and all of them have to do with the future and continued existence of the school.

From promotional and financial issues, to areas of information and tracking, everything a development department does is to insure the continuation and growth of the parent entity. Our goal at KCS is not only to develop a year-to-year stability, but also to establish a long-range foundation which will assure that solid Christian education will still be available to anyone who desires it, even through and after times of hardship. From community service, family and staff unity and yearly fundraisers, to long-term endowments and corporate underwriting, everything is designed to build and strengthen the school program and family school.

You are invited and welcomed to participate in a tremendously worthwhile investment in the future. The present students at KCS are the church and community leaders of just a few years from now. Some of our past graduates are now teachers, parents, and board members of our school. Thus, we know first-hand that KCS makes a difference in students' lives that permeates their hearts and minds as adults. The kind of Christ-centered education students receive at KCS truly is the brightest hope for our communities and our world.