Charger Pride

Logo Mark TagBold. Strong. Excellent.

Last spring, we asked Kingsway Christian School students, staff and parents to tell us the words they would use to describe KCS. They talked about the mascot - the Charger. They talked about academic excellence. They talked about solid Biblical foundations. They talked about the caring, second-to-none staff.

Fueled by your feedback, we've been hard at work while you've been enjoying your summer. We're proud to share our new logo and tagline. They highlight what we know to be true: Kingsway Christian School is an awesome place.

About the logo

Kingsway Christian School is the home of the Chargers. The logo communicates strength, dynamic movement, pride and excitement, some of the things we believe our students, parents and staff love most about the school. It illustrates the healthy connection between KCS and Kingsway Christian Church. It distinguishes KCS as a serious - and highly recognizable - institution among other Westside public and private schools.

About the tagline

We want you to be able to start a conversation with people who ask you to tell them about KCS. Our new tagline, Real-Inspired-Excellence, represents the school in a thought-provoking, intriguing way. It is designed to get people asking, "What's that about?"

Real - Kingsway Christian School is a place full of real people. Real teachers who love to relate to their students. Real students who work hard and have lots of fun.

Inspired - Kingsway Christian School educates students - following God's lead - in all areas of life: physical, spiritual and academic. What sets us apart is inspiration!

Excellence - Kingsway Christian School's academics are second to none. We strive for excellence in education and we're seeing the fruit of our hard work in the lives of our students.

Our school colors

Royal blue and white are the colors of Chargers athletic teams. Go Chargers!