The Kingsway Christian School Scholarship Fund

 In the culture in which we presently live we are continually reminded of the importance of education that upholds a Christian worldview. For nearly 40 years Kingsway Christian School has been doing just that. Kingsway Christian School has and continues to exist to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by providing an excellent education for students, using a biblically integrated curriculum for spiritual, academic,social and physical development.

The KCS opportunity can be offered to more families with your help. You can invest into a Kingsway Christian School student and save 50% on your Indiana taxes.By giving to the Kingsway Christian School Scholarship Fund you make choosing our school possible for families who may not have the choice otherwise.

Gifting through this special fund permits you to receive a Tax Credit from the state of Indiana equal to 50% of your gift. Plus, you receive your standard federal deduction for a charitable contribution. The tax credit can be issued on individual as well as corporate gifts. You can learn more and see examples of the true cost of your gift by clicking on the brochure below.

The Kingsway Christian School Scholarship Fund Brochure

 To give a gift today click on the link below.