Lunch Payment


Meal Payment Directive

Forms of Payment

There are three payment options available to use:

  • Pre-Paid Money in Food Service Account
  • Cash
  • Check (made out to ACSC)

All students will have a lunch account. Money can be deposited into this account for the purchase of lunch and milk. Cash and checks will be deposited into the online accounts. Money can be provided to the Kingsway main office  or payments may be made online using Please be advised that there is a minimal service charge of $1.95 to use credit or debit cards online. This is a flat fee per transaction.

New for 2015/2016!! Please note, in past years we utilized a different site for online payments, The new site,,  is a sister site and therefore previous accounts (and passwords) will work. The only change is the website in which you will visit to load money onto your child’s account. The change will be effective 7/15/15. Look for more information on the new site and improved features to be coming soon.

Checks should be made out to Avon Middle School North Cafeteria. Please include your child/children’s name on the check. If a check is returned due to non-sufficient funds, ACSC Food Service Department will assess a $25 fee per check.

Account Balance Information

  • can be used to monitor account balances if you are using the program to fund your student account. Please note, the site will not be active until after 7/15/15.
  • Contact the cafeteria manager, Christine Devaney at 544-5500.

Funds remaining in the accounts at the end of the school year will automatically be applied to next year. Only in the event that a student leaves the district (moves, graduates, etc) will a refund be given. Request can be submitted on the Food Service website at


ACSC has a LIMITED charging policy. Elementary and Middle School students can charge up to two lunches. After two lunch charges, the child will begin to receive an alternative lunch of a peanut butter or cheese sandwich (if documented allergy) and milk at a price of $.50. Students will receive the alternative meal until lunch accounts are brought to a positive balance. No charges will be permitted during the month of May.

Collection of Funds

ACSC expects parents to be responsible for monitoring their child’s account and maintaining a positive cash balance. Discrepancies in purchases must be brought to the attention of ACSC Food Service administration within 30 days of the date in question. Parents are encouraged to apply for meal assistance at any point in the school year if needed. ACSC Food Service Department will attempt to collect all money owed. In the event it cannot be collected, a third-party collection agency may be used.