Registration Fees

(per student and due with application)

Registration Fees must be paid at the time of application and are NON-REFUNDABLE unless student is not accepted for enrollment or applicant withdraws from the waiting list before an opening is available.

  • New Student, $160
  • Returning Student, $160

$100 of the $160 Registration Fee will be credited toward your student's tuition balance for 2014-15. 


Tuition is payable in 12 monthly electronic debit installments beginning June 5th or 20th, or 4 quarterly installments by cash or check only beginning June 5th, or 1 annual payment by June 1st.  Annual payments receive a 5% discount.


Tuition rates per year (2014-2015)

Pre-Cubs (3 year olds)


Pre-K Half Day (4 year olds)


Pre-K Full Day (M, W, F)


Pre-K Full Day (M-F)


Kindergarten Half-Day


Kindergarten Full Day $5,250.00
First-Fifth Grade $5,724.00
Sixth-Eighth Grade





Book Fee

The cost of most of the student books are included as part of the tuition fee.








All accounts are subject to a $25 service fee for all returned debits or checks.

*Final monthly tuition amounts will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

All required educational expenses are now budget items and are therefore offered at no additional cost to KCS families.  These expenses include:

  • All class field trips (Preschool through grade 8)
  • Classroom magazine subscriptions
  • P.E. uniforms (1 per student grades 6-8)
  • 5th grade messenger bags (1 per student)
  • 4th grade musical shirts (1 per student)

*Aside from extra-curricular activities and supervision, no additional charges will be added to your family account in the 2014-15 school year.