Letter from Administrator

Administrator Letter AlanThroughout its history, KCS has continued to partner with Christian parents for the very best education for their children. We believe very emphatically that the Bible gives parents the primary responsibility for the complete, comprehensive education of their children. However, just as there were teachers and synagogue schools in Christ's day, Kingsway Christian School exists to help parents provide a great Christian education for their students in today's society. Our parents' goals and KCS's goals are to provide each child the best in-depth and all-around training possible. Each teacher has a background and education that prepares him/her to focus on a particular age group or subject matter and give in-depth learning experiences that incorporate a Biblical worldview. With teachers and parents supporting each other, every child will have a much better chance at achieving their fullest potential.

By choosing a Christian education, parents make a conscious choice of sacrificing for their children to experience an educational system that is based on God's Truth. They want their children to experience an excellent academic education that fully integrates Biblical knowledge and truth into every applicable area of life. That is a wonderful investment in each student's future.

For Christian parents, there is absolutely nothing more worthy of our investment than implanting the Truth of God into the minds, hearts and culture of our children. An investment is something that, over time, increases in value and Christian education is certainly a worthwhile investment. It will pay dividends, not only during your lifetime through your children, but through the principles and values they, in turn, will teach their children and hand down to following generations.

Yours for a Christian education,

Alan Hughes
KCS Administrator