8th Grade

academics-8th grade-funIn the game of Monopoly, you are entitled to collect $200 when you pass “Go”. It is a privilege, a rite of passage.

The same can be said about the 8th grade year at Kingsway Christian School. It is the year that students look forward to from the moment they enter middle school in the 5th grade.

Our 8th graders are watched while they are in this building.  They are, in a sense, spied on by the underclassmen:

    • Praised for their accomplishments.
    • Admired for the examples they set.
    • Spotlighted for their involvement.

academics-8th grade retreatWhen 8th graders leave us at the end of May, our hearts are sad as we are forced to say good-bye to these students who have been an important part of our day, each and every day. Yet, at the same time, we are overjoyed, because we have faith that the seeds we planted will continue to be nourished and will, with prayer and time, grow into something quite beautiful.

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