7th Grade

If middle school had a sophomore year, then seventh grade would be it.

Seventh graders have surpassed the anxieties that the sixth grade year often brings, and they long for the unique highlights that their eighth grade year will include.  In general, most seventh graders arrive at school in August much differently than how they left in May: kids are taller, voices are deeper, and cooties start to miraculously disappear.  

  • Intellectually, they begin to think and reason on a much more abstract level.
  • Emotionally, they start to solidify their friendships with each other, taking a second look at who they choose to be friends with and why.  
  • Morally, they endeavor upon wanting to make the right choices and telling others about their beliefs.  

Seventh graders are not afraid to change, ask why, or play in their free time. They do academics-7th grade - Academics-7th Gradetake on more responsibilities in their school work as well as in athletics and extra-curricular activities, but those responsibilities go hand-in-hand with more freedoms as well, no matter how slight.  

The highlight of the seventh grade year?  For Kingsway students, it is most definitely the class field trip to Chicago.  Although the itinerary changes a bit from year to year (Shedd's Aquarium, the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, a scavenger hunt at Navy Pier), the fun and learning are always there. Right before our eyes, seventh graders blossom into teenagers confidently ready to take on what's next.  

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