6th Grade

Are you well-trained in the talent of juggling? Our sixth graders sure are.  

While they may begin their monumental sixth grade year with anxious uncertainties, (Will I have to tattoo my locker combination on my hand just to remember it?  How will I make it from science to English and have time to go to the bathroom in just four minutes?), they finish the year as pro jugglers, certain that they have come a long way.  

Academics-6th Grade - 6th GradeEven though the sixth grade year is one of physical and emotional changes, our sixth graders succeed at:

  • Choosing which classes to take
  • Switching classes every fifty minutes
  • Getting used to each teacher's differences
  • Operating their own locker  

Most of our sixth graders become more involved in extra-curricular activities throughout the year, learning the fine art of time management and priorities. Now don't be fooled - although these kids know how to buckle down and work hard, they also love to have a good time with each other.  They anticipate every chance they get to cut loose from the norm with activities like Spirit Wear days, fundraiser competitions, and their class field trip to the Creation Museum.

Undoubtedly, the sixth grade year can tend to be a rough one, no matter which school you attend.  But the teachers here at Kingsway thrive upon turning each awkward twelve-year old into a work in progress.  

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