5th Grade

Fifth grade at KCS is an important year for growing.  Our students are growing up and starting middle school.  There are many “firsts” during this year:

  • Academics-5th Grade - 5th GradeFirst year to switch classes each day
  • First year to participate in school sports
  • First year to participate in band, choir, drama and technology

Students are also entering a critical time when peer influence and relationships are very important.  Walking through this time with our students and their parents is a top priority.  KCS strives to help students take on healthy and assertive roles in their peer relationships.

Academically, it is a transition from the self-contained classroom to a team of three core subject teachers.  This experience prepares them for upper middle school where each subject has a different teacher. 

Spiritually, students are taking beginning steps to make their faith personal through serving opportunities and the development of a Christian worldview.

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